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Kid Icarus is a remake of the NES classic rendered in 3D as an action platformer made in 7 weeks by 12 people in the context of a school project. It includes:

  • 10 to 20 minutes of gameplay.
  • 2 types of ennemies.
  • 4 battle arenas.
  • Platforming, puzzles and combat.

A controller is recommended, but is playable on a keyboard.

Stay in touch with us on Twitter https://twitter.com/axagama

Kid Icarus is an unofficial remake of the original game on NES. This game is not owned by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Nintendo Co., LTD.

System requirements : 

  • Windows 7 64bit and up
  • GTX Geforce 560/Radeon HD 6950 or better
  • 4+ GB RAM
  • Quad Core 3+ GHz
  • At least 2 GB of free space
Published 17 days ago
Tagskid-icarus, nad, NES, nintendo, Remake, student
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, XBox 360 controllers, Gamepad (any)

Install instructions

Simply download, extract and play! You may need to enable adds to be redirected to the download page.

To play with a keyboard, use WASD or the arrows to move, Shift to shoot and Ctrl to equip your shield.


KidIcarus1.0.rar 790 MB


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I did a second walkthrough explaining a few things that I found but I also so wanted to make sure that the credits where shown at the end. 

I'll be openly honest, i've played this a lot and i've tried to get into areas that you can't but can you release a version that is much much longer. I'd really love to explore as much I can.



Glad to hear you loved it so much!

To make a longer version would be a lot of work, and we have more projects to work on this year. Hope you understand.

This is incredible, especially for just 7 weeks. You guys must have been working like crazy! Awesome job, and you earned yourselves a new follower. Makes me want an Uprising 2 that much more. XD

Thank you, we worked really hard on it, indeed!

The game is so laggy, why aren't there any options to scale the resolution and the graphics. I can't get further unless the game has options to downscale the graphics.

I'm sorry for that, but offering these options would be a lot of work for us.

Came here from GameXplain. Awesome work! - A fellow Kid Icarus fan :)

Thank you! GameXplain gave us a lot of traffic for sure!

This looks amazing.  I'll have to try it later :)

Thank you! :)

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Please fix for WinXP compatibility! (also 32bit if possible) :P  https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/UnrealBuildSystem/Configura...

I'll try to do a 32bit build soon. Stay tuned!

hey mind if i stream this on my youtube channel? more people need to see this!

No problem with that!

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WTF, you wrote this with how many peple in how many days. This game is kinda setting a standard. Fantastic. I did get a little stuck but wow, I played this a couple of times and i was blown away.

Perhaps some of the bigger comapnies should get involved with projects and devs like these guys,

The youtube video wouldnt embed so here's the link to the video on http://www.dailymotion.com/wobblyfootgamer.



Thanks for the comments, we are really proud of what we did in such a short time!

You guys should be so proud. This little beauty of a game is the one that stood out the most for me from the last year of gaming and I have made over 1500 videos in the last year (I have more than one channel). I hope you guys keep working on it and as with all game DEVS, I'd like to wish you the best as well.



I was just making a coffee and thinking about my previous comment "You guys should be so proud." and what I wanted to say really is this to all developers. 

All developers should be proud of what you create becuase what your create is unique, a one of kind and you all put so much hard work into what you create. Once again, welll to all creators and devs  :)

Hello there, sir/ma'am.

     I was wondering if there was a place I could message you in private about your project, as well a project of my own.

You can send me a direct message on Twitter @aXagama

Hi Guys,

I've done a video on this absolutely stunning game, however, I don't want to post it up because I'm getting stuck and can't progress and wondered if you can help?

When I'm using the arrows and stop firing I have like a white arrow on the player and can no longer jump and I can't revert back to jumping. Can you help?

I've tried every key combination but have had no joy. They only way to carry on is by jumping off the edge but there is a point in the level where you have to kill a couple of snakes and there is no way of dying.




We know about that issue, it can happen when you press too quickly the shoot button. Other things may cause this, but this is the main problem we encounter. Try to hold down the shoot button longer.

If that doesn't solve the issue, you can use the Backspace key to reset a bunch of variables in the game. This may cause some other issues though, we mainly used it to debug the game.

If there's any other issue, I may make a patch to solve the problem.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the reply. I'll head of and have another play.



I wish Nintendo gave you their blessing to do the remake. :) 


Thanks for the comment and the video! You managed to break the game at the beginning (Not much, but still. You can see our let's play video to compare the first area.) Hope you liked it and had fun with it for the time it lasted!

It was fun, yes. Are the any plans for more? 

It's a really sensible subject when it comes to Nintendo IPs. We can't work on it and expect to not be flagged down by them. It's a little school project and probably won't go further than that in that form.